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Which country produces the best drivers?

by David Egan 11th May 2018

For immediate release – 11/4/18

It’s time to announce the Drift Masters European Championship (DMEC) National Championship.

With the 2018 Drift Masters European Championship combining the best drivers from over 25 European nationalities, the question of ‘which nation is best?’ needed a legitimate answer this season. Welcome to the brand-new DMEC National Championship.

At each round of the 2018 DMEC, the top two individual championship-point scoring drivers from each nation, will add points to their home nation’s overall championship score. The nation with the highest total score at the end of the season will be crowned DMEC National Champions.

“With such a high number of nationalities ready to compete in DMEC this season, the decision to create our all-new DMEC National Championship was an easy one. It brings another element of competition to the championship and allows fans to get behind not only their favourite drivers but their home country too. We’re also planning a special prize for the winner of the National Championship. More on that later. ”

– Arkadiusz Dudko (DMEC President)

“We all have our personal opinions regarding the strength of talent within each European nation. The Drift Masters European Championship aims to end those discussions and put fan theories to the test during each competition. For the first time, fans and drivers will support and represent their country, introducing a true team element across each driver on the grid.”

– Dave Egan (DMEC Public Relations Officer)

To see who will be representing your home nation this year, please see the full DMEC driver list below.

The 2018 Drift Masters European Championship Calendar:

Round 1 – June 8/9
Location – Plock Stadium, Poland

Round 2 – June 22/23
Location – Rabocsiring, Mariapocs, Hungary

Round 3 – August 3/4
Location – Bikernieki Circuit, Riga, Latvia

Round 4 – August 17/18
Location – MotoArena, Torun, Poland

Round 5 – September 7/8
Location – Hockenheimring, Germany

Round 6 – September 22/23
Location – Mondello Park, Ireland

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Round one of the 2018 Drift Masters European Championship takes place in Plock, Poland on June 8th and 9th. Click here for event details and ticket purchases.

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