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The biggest alignment of International drift championships

by David Egan 13th May 2018

For Immediate Release – 13/4/18

The DriftMasters European Championship – Europe’s premier competitive drifting series – is delighted to announce a number of partnerships with the world’s best drift leagues.


Formula DRIFT (FD) – the world’s premier competitive drifting series – has entered into a partnership with the Drift Masters European Championship (DMEC). The aim is to create an open dialogue between the two series that will allow greater alignment and collaboration between FD and DMEC.

As part of the initial agreement, Formula DRIFT will award PRO licenses to the top eight drivers in the DMEC series who do not currently hold them. This will allow these drivers to compete at the highest level in Formula DRIFT for the following season. At the same time, all current FD PRO license holders will be eligible to compete in DMEC events for the entire championship season or selected rounds.

To assist with their future entry into Formula Drift, the top three drivers from the DMEC series will be awarded a scholarship by FD and DMEC.


The Drift Masters European Championship has agreed partnerships with Europe’s best competitive drift leagues to build a licensing infrastructure throughout Europe. The top three championship finishers from the following leagues will be awarded 2019 Drift Masters European Championship licenses:

The Irish Drift Championship (IDC)

The British Drift Championship (BDC)

North European Drift Championship  (NEZ)

French Drift Championship – (CFD)

Hungarian Drift Championship – (DRIFTING.HU)

Polish Drift Championship – (Polish Drift Open)

Swedish Drift Championship – (SDC)

Drift championship organisers from across Europe rejoiced at this new alliance and the possibility to showcase their nations best drivers at the highest level of the sport.

“Creating this partnership between Europe’s biggest National championships was my goal from the very beginning. In previous years, when I was judging drifting competitions all over Europe, I began to get the impression that drifting in different countries can vary quite a lot. My goal with this partnership is to unite drifting around the world, and I am very happy that most of the amazing drifting series in Europe have been very willing to establish cooperation. It will certainly help in the development of drifting the world over.” – Arkadiusz Dudko (DMEC President)

“I’ve visited more than 15 countries worldwide as a drift fan, including Formula Drift in Los Angeles, and have always respected the professionalism shown by Drift Masters in Europe. My vision is to bring Hungarian drifting closer to the rest of Europe with Drift Masters as our ally. It is a huge step for Hungarian Drivers, and one that has been needed for quite some time.”  Béres Szabolcs (DRIFTING.HU)

“The NEZ Championship is the second oldest drift competition in Europe and we feel honoured to form this agreement with DMEC, to give our drivers a chance to test their skills and fight with Europe’s best drivers. The most important part about this partnership is the opportunity for our drivers to get involved with a whole new level of driving.“ – NEZ Drift Championship

“As soon as the idea of making this co-operation with the DMGP league appeared, we did not think about it for long. We are familiar with people from this league for a long time and know that they know this sport very well. According to our assessment, DMEC is currently the best and strongest league in Europe, in which the top European drivers are competing. DMGP has a chance to introduce drifting to the World, and we will gladly add our brick to the wall they are building. ” Polish Drift Series Drift Open


In 2018, the Drift Masters European Championship (DMEC) will become the definitive professional drift organisation in Europe. With a calendar containing Europe’s highest-profile events and a grid of Europe’s most accomplished drivers, this is the championship European drift fans have anticipated for more than ten years. Drift Masters GP has also set about guaranteeing its success by combining the greatest organisational and promotional minds in European drifting into one DMEC event team. DMEC has truly become the “Champions League” of European professional drifting.

The 2018 Drift Masters European Championship Calendar:

Round 1 – June 8/9
Location – Plock Stadium, Poland

Round 2 – June 22/23
Location – Rabocsiring, Mariapocs, Hungary

Round 3 – August 3/4
Location – Bikernieki Circuit, Riga, Latvia

Round 4 – August 17/18
Location – MotoArena, Torun, Poland

Round 5 – September 7/8
Location – Hockenheimring, Germany

Round 6 – September 22/23
Location – Mondello Park, Ireland

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Round one of the 2018 Drift Masters European Championship takes place in Plock, Poland on June 8th and 9th. Click here for event details and ticket purchases.

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