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Torun Moves

by Przemysław Kwiatkowski 14th August 2018

Paris for those in love, Brussels for chocolate lovers and Rome for those fascinated with history. The picturesque historical Toruń is a place which ideally combines all these things. A city famous for  delicious gingerbread cakes, boasting the magical Old Town inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, it delights its visitors with the original architecture of the Gothic townhouses, churches and red-brick townhall. The night panorama of Toruń is considered as one of the seven wonders of Poland.

In the silence of the medieval nooks and crannies, in the art galleries, museums, cafes and pubs hidden among the old walls tourists can breathe the atmosphere of  the times of Nicolaus Copernicus, who was born here. The figure of the famous astronomer, his birthplace house, and his impressive statue situated in the Old Town Square are attracting annually over 2 million visitors.

Gourmets will head for the Museum of Toruń Gingerbreads. Since the 14th century Toruń has been famous for the tradition of baking this spicy delicacy.  The most famous ones, in the shape of three joined hearts, are said to have been originally made by a young baker who fell in love with a beautiful  girl name Catherine. In the local museums   not only can you listen to the legend of the gingerbread origins but you may also admire genuine old baking forms and ovens, and try your hand at making your own gingerbread cakes under the watchful eye of a master baker!

Toruń is also one of the most important cultural centers in northern Poland. Every year, numerous renowned festivals of theater, art, music, film, classical and contemporary  art take place here. Every weekend you can attend an interesting concert, exhibition, or spectacle. The new iconic venue of Toruń which is a must-see point of every tourist’s itinerary is the new Jordanki Culture and Congress Center. The irregular shape of this imposing eddifice, designed by the Spanish,  houses a unique concert hall, and has won numerous architectural awards. In order to see it in its full glory, it is best to attend one of the various concerts held there,  ranging from classical music to jazz, rock and pop.

At the end of summer, Toruń attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world with its International Festival of Light – Bella Skyway Festival. For a few days the Old Town turns into a fairytale land of amazing spectacles of light and sound, and the city and its countless cafes, restaurants and open-air pubs bustle with life late into the night.

Fans of sports attend, in their thousands, the great speedway motor racing events held at Motoarena, prestigious athletic competitions, and basketball and volleyball league matches played in Toruń Arena – a brand new sports and entertainment hall in Bema Street.

Despite its 800-year-old history, Toruń is a city of youth. The beauty of the Old Town, the Copernican tradition, the excellent educational facilities and the affordable cost of living are a magnet for thousands of tourists. They can choose from eight institutions of higher education including the biggest one – Nicolaus Copernicus University. The youngest enthusiasts of science will be fascinated with the interactive exhibitions and experiments presented at the „Mill of Knowledge” Modernity Center.

Toruń is situated within 45-minute drive of the nearest airport, in Bydgoszcz, or a 90-minute drive by highway to Gdańsk, which makes it an excellent destination for a weekend break or a longer stay. The extensive network of comfortable hotels as well as smaller guesthouses and affordable hostels located within the Old Town allows both individual tourists, families and organized groups to enjoy the sights of Toruń. Many of them plan to come here only for a while, and eventually end up settling here for ever.

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