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The Champions league of professional drifting returns for the most exciting, competitive and ambitious season of European drift competition ever attempted. 45 drivers, 20 nations, 6 countries and winner takes all. 6 events spread across the most legendary, challenging and visually stunning locations imaginable await the best in the business next season.

In 2018, the Drift Masters European Championship produced the level of professional championship European drift fans had waited over 15 years to sit back and watch. From football stadiums to street parades, scorching sun to torrential rain, it certainly didn’t disappoint. The action came thick and fast and the level of competition became instantly world-renowned.

But what if we told you, last season was just the warm up!


Round 1 – May 18/19 – Austria – GRIENBACH CIRCUIT

45 drivers will begin the DMEC championship journey at the challenging and technical Greinbach Circuit in Austria. With series standings returning to zero and the refreshed ambitions of Europe’s best drivers waiting to be realised, the tension will be palpable. Who will claim first blood?

Round 2 – June 15/16 – France – CROIX EN TERNOIS CIRCUIT

Drift Masters will attempt to bring their own brand of flair to the French nation with the Croix En Ternois circuit providing the perfect setting for high speed door to door tandem action. French fans make every drift event an incredible spectacle, so expect more memorable moments and heart-stopping action when the DMEC grid go to war once again. Can you really miss this one?

Round 3 – June 28/29 – Poland – PŁOCK STADIUM

Kazimierz Gorski Stadium is the current home ground of Wisła Płock, but was never originally intended as a drift circuit. With drift-specific tarmac laid around the edge of the arena, a dangerous and technical circuit was born. The confines of this stadium create an electric atmosphere unlike any other event and only the bravest drivers can succeed here.

Round 4 – August 2/3 – Latvia – BIKERNIEKI CIRCUIT (KING OF RIGA)

It’s Riga baby! The most infamous drift event in the world returns for 2019. Expect an extreme full-throttle layout, street parades, after-parties and all the mayhem a drift event should contain. This driver’s favourite combines one of the most extreme layouts in the world, with some of the most passionate and committed fans. This event really has to been seen, to be believed!

Round 5 – August 16/17 – Germany – FERROPOLIS (IRON DRIFT KING OF GERMANY)

A decommissioned steel mine on an island in Germany? Surely this must be fantasy? Ferropolis in Germany plays host one of the most unique drift events ever imagined. The best drivers from Europe and Germany will compete to be crowned the coveted 2019 Iron Drift King. Nothing like this exists worldwide and Drift Masters invites you to join in on the madness next August.

Round 6 – September 21/22 – Ireland – MONDELLO PARK

The biggest automotive event in Ireland plays host to our season finale. With the Irish dominating professional drifting in recent years, our European grid will attempt to beat their 16 year undefeated streak on home soil. With an expected attendance of over 15,000 fans, this event will become an all out war! Who will be crowned champion? Place your bets now…


In 2019, the Drift Masters European Championship will continue to be the definitive professional drift organisation in Europe. With a calendar containing Europe’s highest-profile events and a grid of Europe’s most talented drivers, this is a championship for true drift fans. The very best venues, drivers, teams, organisers, promoters, judges, photographers, videographers, track team and livestream producers will work as one united entity to achieve a truly world-standard show.

Time to get excited? You bet it is!

With our 45 strong driver grid now confirmed, stay tuned to our web and social media channels in the coming weeks to find out which incredible contenders have accepted the challenge.

The fight to become the TRUE European Champion is BACK ON!

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