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Drift Masters European Championship Announces Partnership With Warter Fuels

by David Egan 30th April 2019

Drift Masters European Championship (DMEC) Announces Partnership with Warter Fuels.

< Plock, Poland – Tuesday, 30th April, 2019 > 

We are proud to announce that WARTER FUELS has joined forces with the Drift Masters European Championship. WARTER FUELS will now act as official race fuel partner of the 2019 Drift Masters European Championship.

“It is a great honour for us to become a part of this series and take an active role in future development of the DMEC championship. With major pride and pleasure WARTER FUELS will share highest quality products, knowledge and experience with the DMEC creators and drivers.”

– Warter Fuels

“As I analysed the competition cars that compete in the Drift Masters European Championship and appreciated the horsepower they generate, I immediately thought about the basic element of this power – Fuel. Our Official Fuel Partner for the DMEC Series: Warter Racing produces world quality racing fuel that can now come to our rescue. Warter will provide competitors the best racing fuel available on the market and provide technicians at every round to help drivers get the best engine performance. I am very happy with this new cooperation as it will definitely allow us to develop our DMEC series and drivers.”

– Arkadiusz Dudko (CEO, Drift Masters GP)

About Warter Fuels

WARTER Fuels is an industry leader providing a full range of solutions to the general aviation market as well as variety of motorsports. Most importantly, they have a well developed distribution chain allowing high quality Warter fuels to be now accessible all around the world. Backed up by 40 years of experience, they are proud to offer solid customer satisfaction throughout their sales network worldwide. Warter Fuels is focused on continuous development to meet customers’ requirements for the highest quality product. They are supplying top quality performance fuel to more than 80 countries worldwide. Warter Aviation is also the Official Technical Partner for Red Bull Air Race 2016 and 2017.

Warter Racing 102 Race Fuel

WARTER Racing 102 is a high octane fuel designed to cover a broad spectrum of racing applications. It is designed to conform to the highest quality and performance standards (FIA Appendix J Compliant) but yet, still provide a cost-effective solution. Warter Fuels fully understand the needs of thier customers for whom they have created the Warter Racing 102 fuel.

For more information on Warter Fuels see:

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