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DMEC Round 2 2019 – Qualifying Results

by Cian Leonard 16th June 2019

The 2019 Drift Masters European Championship has arrived in northern France in full force, bringing with it a full roster of international all-star drivers to the picturesque Circuit de Croix en Ternois.

A fast and flowing circuit tested drivers during a hot and dry practice day, rewarding those with maximum commitment and punishing the few that made mistakes. However, early rainfall on event day saw qualifying take place on a damp track, throwing any previously established form out of the window. With the battles kicking off shortly, and the weather unpredictable, anyone could come out on top here in France.

Without further ado, here are your qualifying results…

Tune in to the livestream later today, Sunday 16th June, at 13:50 CET on Red Bull TV, here on our website or on the DMEC Facebook page to catch the Top 32 bracket, and all of the action throughout the day.

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