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Płock – a city in a sporty style

by Przemysław Kwiatkowski 25th June 2019

Płock with its unique location on the high embankment of the Vistula river is not only a series of beautiful landscapes and a breath of great history, hidden in the buildings of Tumskie Hill, but above all there are fantastic conditions for active sports and recreation. Vistula is truly a wild river here, the last one in Europe, with its over 1.5 km width resembles widely spilled Mazurian lakes. The river’s 633rd kilometer is a great starting point for all sailing enthusiasts. At the foot of the escarpment there is Sobótka Lake, a natural water reservoir, tempting with its sandy beach and clear water, an ideal place for beach volleyball lovers, kayaking or swimming.

Sports infrastructure includes Orlen Arena sports hall with an auditorium of 5500 people, three stadiums, three swimming pools, a climbing wall, tennis courts (open and covered ones), a yacht marina, an aeroclub airport and a seasonal ice rink. Płock citizens enjoy many local school sports grounds (called “orlik”), outdoor gyms, cycling routes, growing from year to year. The pride of the city is the Orlen Wisła Płock handball team, a multiple champions of Poland, as well as football players, who became Ekstraklasa team again in 2016. The city also has its Olympic athletes and medalists of the World and European Championships in other disciplines, such as martial arts, rowing, paragliding and tennis for disabled people. The city also focuses on the development of physical activity of children and youth. The youngest residents can enjoy a wide range of sports activities, attend the Płock Football Academy, Płock Handball Academy and take part in numerous organized street runs.

A rich calendar of events is a significant proof that sport and recreation of residents lies at the heart of the city itself. Fans of beach handball can watch the struggles of European Beach Handball competitors in the Płock Old Town, experienced athletes will try their hand at the PTT Delta Triathlon, Lotto Poland Bike Marathon or during the Half-marathon of the Two Bridges . The Drift Masters GP – a car drifting competition on specially prepared track at the Kazimierz Górski football stadium – seems to be a real treat for all fans of motosports.

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