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DMEC Round 3 2019 – Qualifying Results

by Cian Leonard 28th June 2019

This weekend, the 2019 Drift Masters European Championship rolled into Płock, Poland for a one-of-a-kind drift event. Płock stadium usually plays host to professional football, but for one weekend a year, it becomes a unique, technical and dangerous custom-built drift track set to test the best in Europe.

With a ring of solid concrete walls circling the track, and a total of eleven transitions for the drivers to tackle, Płock stadium takes no prisoners, and several contenders found out the hard way during practice and qualifying that the walls bite back here. There were several standout moments in qualifying, including Piotr Wiecek’s completed qualifying run with only three tires on the car, Martin Richard’s miraculous front-clipping-point skim and Juha Rintanen losing his way in his own smoke!

Without further adieu, here are your qualifying results…

Tune in to the livestream tomorrow, Saturday 28th June, at 18:40 CET to catch the Top 32 bracket, and all of the action throughout the day.

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