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David Egan has previously held the role of Public Relations Officer/Commentator for DMEC since 2018 and has organised professional drift championships in Ireland, the UK and Middle East over the past 6 years. He now joins a growing team at DMEC headquarters for the 2020 season and beyond. Egan will continue his on-camera role as DMEC commentator also.

“The Drift Masters European Championship has quickly become the pinnacle of professional drifting worldwide and the chance to work at the cutting edge of the sport is a dream come true for me. The ambition within the DMEC team is infectious and I am looking forward to working alongside Arkadiusz and his team to make DMEC a world leader in terms of entertainment value, competition and production. I am incredibly humbled by this opportunity and looking forward to the challenges ahead”
– David Egan – Vice President, Drift Masters Grand Prix

“The Drift Masters European Series is growing extremely fast, which is why we need experienced people within our team in order to progress the series. David has been a part of DMEC since it’s inception, with his main focus being social media and the live production of events. His team have done an incredible job over the past two years, but I felt a more central role was suitable for someone of David’s abilities. He lives for this sport and few people have experienced it from so many angles like he has. As an organiser, commentator, producer and driver, he can offer unique input and together we will take this series to an even higher level in the future. I welcome David as the new Vice President of the Drift Masters European Championship and I am very excited for the 2020 season ahead.”
– Arkadiusz Dudko – President, Drift Masters Grand Prix

All information on the 2020 Drift Masters European Championship is available on our official website. Stay tuned for more exciting DMEC releases coming soon!

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