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Plock, Poland – Monday, 9th March, 2020

Today, the Drift Masters European Championship (DMEC) is delighted to announce a renewed partnership with Link Engine Management (Link ECU) for a three year period, covering the 2020-2022 DMEC seasons, which will see Link ECU now proudly become the official ECU of the Drift Masters European Championship.

With a race-proven range of Wire-In ECUs, Plug-In ECUs and more, Link ECU has provided a winning formula for champions from various motorsport series. Link’s ECUs are sold in 65 countries by over 1,500 dealers.

Building on their existing partnerships with Formula Drift (USA), Drift Games (Ireland) and of course DMEC in 2019, Link ECU are delighted to be entering into a long term agreement as the official ECU of DMEC.

“Link Engine Management are delighted to be onboard for another three seasons as a main sponsor and as the official ECU of Drift Masters European Championship. We have followed the series for many years, first as fans, then as partners and have been very impressed with the quality of not only the series, but of the drivers and cars. We firmly believe DMEC is only going to continue to get bigger and better and we look forward to seeing what the next few years have in store.” said Andy Millard, CEO of Link Engine Management.

“Being the official ECU of DMEC is not something we take lightly, and we look forward to continuing our work with DMEC, it’s drivers and teams, most of which already chose Link as their official ECU. We endeavor to push ourselves and our technology as far as possible to provide new levels of power, performance and reliability to exceed the demands of all DMEC drivers and speed freaks across the globe.” Millard continued.

Arkadiusz Dudko, President of DMEC, was equally as delighted in announcing the three-year partnership and cannot wait to see what priceless additions Link’s ECU technology brings to the DMEC grid of drivers over the coming years.

“For many years, due to the quality and strength of their products and technology, Link ECU has had a strong presence in not only the drift scene, but the entirety of motorsport worldwide. Last year was the first season of our partnership with Link, which proved to be an extremely successful first year for both of us. Having now formed this new long-term agreement with them, I am very excited to have Link back alongside us at Drift Masters GP for the next three years. We are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for DMEC and what the next 3 years will bring for drifting in Europe. Having a partner who is as supportive, proactive and dynamic as Link ECU alongside us during this time is a huge bonus for our us and our entire organisation and we can’t wait to get things started at Round 1 in Austria this May.” said Dudko when announcing this new long-term partnership.

Link Engine Management provides drivers from around the globe with world-class engine management technology and the ability to tune, monitor and log engine activity. The quality ECU’s have been behind the success many of the World’s leading drifters and DMEC title contenders, including Jack & Conor Shanahan, Duane McKeever, Ahmad Daham, both the Red Bull Drift Brothers and Steve “Baggsy” Biagioni to name but a few.

Thank you once again from all of us here at DMEC to Link ECU for entering into this incredible partnership with us for the next 3 seasons. For you guys at home, please check out more information on Link ECU’s full product range, by visiting their website at today, or by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

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