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Dear DMEC fans,

As we approach the start of a new DMEC season, everything had been looking extremely positive. We have partnered with some exceptional companies, have confirmed multiple improvements to our media content creation and live broadcasting, while also assembling the most impressive driver grid in European history. This is an exciting time for European drifting. That said, we now, like the rest of the world, face unprecedented challenges.

Similarly to other public event promotors across the world, the COVID-19 Corona Virus issue is one we must take very seriously. At this time, the Austrian government has cancelled all public events until April 7th (6 weeks before DMEC Round 1), so we are hoping there will be no need for a cancellation and the event will go ahead as planned. We will be updated regularly by the local Austrian authorities over the next few weeks and they are positive in their approach. Driver, crew and fan safety is a DMEC priority at all times.

In the unlikely case that the event needs to be rescheduled, we have worked on a number of options for this and are ready for any eventuality. At this time, like most of the world, we do not have all the answers, so we will keep you all updated as the situation progresses.

You can rest assured the DMEC team is continuing to prepare for this season as per usual and are ready to raise the bar once again. We would like to assure all of our fans, partners, drivers, and staff that we will stop at nothing to bring you all the best season of DMEC we possibly can. In the meantime, we hope you all stay safe and well in these difficult times.

– Arkadiusz Dudko, DMEC President
– David Egan, DMEC Vice President

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