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Płock, Poland – Tuesday, 24th March, 2020

Today, the Drift Masters European Championship (DMEC) is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with the Norwegian Drift Championship (NDC), from 2020 to 2021.

After a meeting between DMEC President, Arkadiusz Dudko and NDC CEO, Ronny Køhler in DMEC Head Quarters in Płock, Poland earlier this month, an agreement was reached between both parties, which will see the 2020 NDC champion receive a wildcard entry to DMEC 2020’s fourth round in Ferropolis, Germany, as well as a license to compete in the DMEC 2021 season.

Not only that though, but perhaps the most exciting part of the announcement for DMEC fans is that in 2021, DMEC will visit Norway for the first time, where one round of the DMEC 2021 series will take place at the brand new and state of the art Lillesand Driftarena, approximately 300km south of the capital city of Oslo.

NDC CEO, Ronny Køhler was understandably ecstatic in announcing this new partnership, saying:

“We are excited to see our new championship (NDC) gaining the respect we feel it deserves across Europe, which is a great positive for the new beginning of Norwegian drifting. We are very pleased to announce that our partnership with Drift Masters will see the NDC champion earn a wildcard entry to DMEC’s Ferropolis event in 2020 and that they will also gain a full season license for DMEC 2021. Also, a round of DMEC 2021 is now confirmed for Norway after our meeting at Drift Masters HQ and it will take place at the brand new Lillesand Driftarena. We are extremely happy and proud that we have been able to make this partnership happen and we can’t wait to welcome DMEC drivers, fans and crew to Norway in 2021.”

Arkadiusz Dudko, President of DMEC, was also very happy about this new partnership and looks forward to what the future holds for DMEC and the NDC:

“I am very happy that drifting is growing so quickly in Europe and it really is great to see that in Norway, the organiser has such a professional approach to this amazing sport.”

“Many excellent drifters come from Norway, which is, of course, supported by the wonderful Norwegian fans. We see it regularly at our DMEC events where there are a lot of Norwegian flags, and support for our Norwegian drivers. It’s incredible to see. With this in mind, we want to give back to these fans by committing to hosting one DMEC Round in Norway in 2021. All of us at DMEC are already extremely excited about bringing DMEC to Norway next season, and I personally am really looking forward to this new partnership with the NDC.”

We know we’ve not even begun DMEC 2020 yet, but it’s safe to say the future is bright for European drifting and we already can’t wait to visit Norway in 2021. For now, don’t forget to follow the NDC on Facebook and Instagram to follow their 2020 season and also make sure you’re following our DMEC Facebook and Instagram for all DMEC 2020 and 2021 updates.

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