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DMEC 2020 Event In Plock, Poland Cancelled

by David Egan 7th May 2020

For Official Release – DMEC 2020 UPDATE

Cancellation of DMEC Event in Plock, Poland

Unfortunately, planned governmental restrictions in Poland and the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the Cornonavirus pandemic have resulted in a cancellation of the scheduled DMEC event in Plock, Poland on June 5+6 2020. This is a very special arena and town for DMEC and many alternative options were considered before this final decision was made. The DMEC team are currently working hard on an alternate calendar and monitoring how the situation across Europe progresses over the coming weeks. In uncertain times, one thing can be guaranteed; that DMEC will do everything in it’s power to bring drift fans the greatest series of European drifting possible.

DMEC Poland Ticket Refund Information (Informacja dla osób, które zakupiły bilet na rundę w Płocku)

All ticket holders will receive an email from confirming the event has been cancelled / (Szczegóły dotyczące zachowania, zmiany lub zwrotu biletów zostaną przesłane mailowo przez do wszystkich którzy zakupili bilety. W przypadku dodatkowych pytań prosimy o kontakt pod adresem

You will have the choice to / (dostępne możliwości)

A- Keep the ticket and use it for the 2021 DMEC Poland event. / (zachować bilet który umożliwi wejście na rundę DMEC w Polsce w 2021 roku)

B- Change this ticket to a 110% voucher for any scheduled event / ( Wymienić bilet na voucher o wartości 110% wydanej kwoty. Voucher można zrealizować na zakup biletu na inne imprezy sprzedawane na portalu

C- Gain a full refund for your ticket. / (otrzymać całą wydaną kwotę biletu na wskazane konto)

For further ticket or refund information, please directly contact :

Do not contact DMEC directly for pre-paid ticket information as we are not authorised to carry out requests.

We thank you all for your understanding and patience during these difficult times and hope you and your families are safe and healthy. We will provide more DMEC 2020 updates as soon as possible.

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