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Official Press Release – 5/8/2020 – Plock, Poland

Dear DMEC fans,

Firstly, I hope you are all safe and well in these uncertain times. This year has certainly not been ideal for any of us. Despite DMEC being a professional organisation, we look at all it’s members (fans / drivers / partners / teams / media etc.) as part of a greater DMEC ‘family’. This family has helped DMEC become one of the biggest drift championships and we are grateful to each and every member. This means we can never ignore any family member’s concern or struggle.

We have spoken at length with everybody involved in making the 2020 DMEC championship possible and given the current global situation, we knew a day would come where hard decisions would have to be made. The hardest decision DMEC has ever had to make is the following:

Next week’s DMEC event in Riga will no longer be Round 1 of the 2020 DMEC Championship. It will now become DMEC’s only competitive event this year: The DMEC King of Riga.

While the DMEC team are confident all fans/teams/drivers etc. will be relatively safe in Latvia, our other championship destinations have become more unstable in recent weeks. Drivers will face constant issues crossing borders, being quarantined, losing time from their personal job and, most importantly, will be putting their health at risk to compete. DMEC events are always a fun and safe environment for everybody, but unfortunately the Covid-19 virus has made this difficult to guarantee in 2020. We all love drifting, but not enough to put anybody’s health at risk.

We have spent long days and nights, over many months, trying to find as many solutions as possible, but this virus has presented new problems at every turn. This announcement was the very last thing we wanted to release this season, but unfortunately it is now an unavoidable reality.

The DMEC ‘King of Riga’ event on August 14/15 will give DMEC a brief opportunity to show you all the very best of the DMEC series. We have Europe’s greatest drivers competing on one of Europe’s greatest tracks, with plenty of new digital enhancements and a brand new competition drift event format to reveal to you all. Our partners at Red Bull TV are ready to produce a live broadcast that will make you feel like you are there, even if you can’t make the event in person. We will be giving DMEC drift fans our absolute all.

We appreciate all of your support and patience this year, we have needed it. We now aim to create one positive and special weekend from a year of unfortunate circumstances. Join us live on Red Bull TV for our DMEC ‘King of Riga’ event on August 14/15.

After our DMEC ‘King of Riga’ event on August 14/15, our focus turns to making the 2021 DMEC championship as amazing as possible to make up for lost time.

Thank you all, see you in Riga!

Arkadiusz Dudko, DMEC President
David Egan, DMEC Vice President

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