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In the blink of an eye, the halfway point of the first-ever Drift Masters Virtual Championship has passed and the action is just heating up to find the greatest virtual drifter of all time. With just two rounds left on the 2021 calendar, it was time for a new crop of drivers to make their mark on virtual drift history.

Round 3 took us to Sachsenring, Germany, a circuit usually reserved for the two wheels of MotoGP rather than four but such is the limitless boundaries of virtual motorsport that can bring all disciplines under one roof.

As we storm towards the grand finale of 2021, we also narrow the search for the winner of DMVC. Not only will that driver win an accolade no one has ever garnered before but will also get the chance to do battle with DMEC superstar Piotr Więcek in real life. Judging the level of talent on the virtual grid, Piotr may have competition in the real world come the end of the season.

As we headed into qualifying, it would once again be a DMEC competitor taking victory in the virtual world as Pawel Korpulinski snatched top spot of qualifying right at the last minute with an 89.5 run, knocking off Mustafa Amine, who had sat in the top spot for the entire session.

Jumping into the virtual world, battle action becomes insane with door-on-door match-ups right from the start. You may think there is no fear amongst our driver grid but once those start lights go out, there is no reset button on the competition where one mistake can spell on the end of their fight sending them spinning out of DMVC once and for all!

As the battle bracket thinned and drivers started to drop, there would only be one Drift Masters driver left in the fight with Polish “Drift Patriot” Paweł Grosz flying the DMEC flag taking 4th place on the podium after an insane shoot-out with Brazilian José Ramazotti.

With 32 battles come and gone, it would Ukrainian Alexander Sevryuk taking the win at DMVC Round 3 over João Vitor Rohde in the final. Alexander would pull a big gap over the Brazilian in the lead position meaning it was plain sailing to the podium.

Don’t rest on your laurels too much though as we get set to get back at the battle action of DMVC 2021 in just 2 weeks’ time for Round 4 on Saturday, March 27th. Be sure to tune in LIVE on our official DMEC Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch channels.

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