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As fast as the action has been on track, the inaugural Drift Master Virtual Championship (DMVC) is blitzing towards its first-ever finale. DMVC, a concept created to keep action on track during these uncertain times has certainly entertained the masses and brought a whole new audience into the world of virtual drifting.

Last weekend brought spectators and drivers to the Toscana Autodromo, Italy for Round 4, the penultimate of the 2021 season. With a new batch of 32 drivers ready to go to war, the tension amongst the grid is really starting to build as we edge closer to crowning our very first champion.

With just one round left on the calendar and only 8 spots remaining on the grid of the finale, drivers knew they would have to go harder than ever before to earn their place…and that they did. Toscana Autodromo, a track existing solely in the virtual world created insane battle action right from the offset of the Top 32.

As drivers started to fall and the battle bracket narrowed, it was once again a familiar name piercing his way through the competition. Prodrift Academy driver Alan Hynes would once again earn silverware for his battle efforts taking 3rd step on the podium over fellow DMEC driver Pawel Grosz.

Rounding out the podium, Ukrainian Alexandar Element coming from nowhere surprising drivers, judges, and commentators to claim the top spot over Finlands Joona Waronen. ⁠

With Round 4 in the history books and just 1 round left to go, it’s now a straight shoot out of the greatest 32 drivers from Round 1 to 4 to see who will claim the title of the greatest virtual drifter as well as winning the once in a lifetime prize of driving a 1000HP DMEC drift car with Piotr Więcek.

Tune in live to Round 5 of the 2021 Drift Master Virtual Championship on Sunday, April 11th 2021!

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