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For Official Release – 06/08/2021
DMEC Round 5 in Georgia Cancelled

Dear DMEC fans,

Unfortunately we have, once again, had to make a very difficult decision in relation to the 2021 DMEC season. After successful and entertaining events in Austria and Latvia, we were gearing-up for an amazing finale in Georgia on the 4th & 5th of September. Although this street event would be a challenge geographically, the DMEC team and drivers were well prepared.

Over the past two weeks, Georgia have witnessed a spike in Covid-19 cases. While the safety of our drivers, teams and staff is paramount, safety is not the sole reason for our decision in cancelling the event. This spike has placed Georgia on the ‘red’ list for many countries across Europe. As a result, the majority of DMEC drivers, teams and staff would face a mandatory quarantine upon returning from DMEC Round 5. Adding this 2 week quarantine to an estimated 3 weeks of event travel, has made the event unfeasible for those parties who hold regular jobs outside drifting.

Drift Masters is a family and we do not want to host an event where some of our family cannot attend due to personal circumstances. In the interest of fairness, we have made the tough decision to cancel the event. While this monumental street event will now not take place in 2021, plans are already in motion to return to Georgia as part of our 2022 DMEC calendar.

All championship standings will now freeze and become the final DMEC 2021 standings for all drivers on the grid.

We would like to thank our DMEC counterparts and local promoters in Georgia for their hard work and dedication to this event. While we may not see Europe’s best drivers compete on Tbilisi’s city streets next month, DMEC fans won’t have long to wait. Hopefully restrictions and cancellations will be just a memory when we return to put on a show next season.

Lastly, we would like to apologise to all of our DMEC fans who we know were eagerly awaiting this event. As one of the few professional drift organisations that crosses intercontinental borders regularly, DMEC 2021 was very much a case of what we can do, not what we would like to do.

We can assure you all that we are already planning an ambitious and ideal DMEC 2022 and hopefully announcements like this will not happen in the future. We appreciate all your support and understanding throughout 2021.

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