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Płock, Poland – March 1st, 2022

As an organisation and series, Drift Masters GP and the Drift Masters European Championship (DMEC) exists to unite people the world over in a love for the sport of drifting and the joy it brings, as well as bringing a large number of nations together to celebrate this united love for the sport.

One such nation where many of our incredible DMEC drivers and fans are from is Ukraine, and today we wish to show our support and solidarity with them and stand by not only them, but all of the people of Ukraine, as we watch the current events unfold with utter sadness and disbelief in our hearts and minds at what is taking place.

From the entirety of the Drift Masters team, we want to extend our sympathies to all of the people of Ukraine at what is going on as we join them in the hope of a swift and peaceful resolution of the ongoing situation in their beautiful country.

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