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Plock, Poland – Saturday, 26th November, 2022

Today, the Drift Masters European Championship (DMEC) is delighted to announce that HypeDrop has joined forces with DMEC to become a primary partner of the Drift Masters European Championship for the 2023 season.

HypeDrop is a virtual ‘Mystery Box’ retailer. The gamified platform sells the largest amount of Mystery Boxes in the world, by providing an online shopping experience that is both fun, accessible and thrill-seeking.

In announcing the partnership, DMEC President Arkadiusz Dudko had the following to say:

“HypeDrop is our latest primary partner for the 2023 Drift Masters season, and I’m very excited to have such an incredible company join forces with us. HypeDrop offers an innovative and exciting way to shop for the most luxurious of brands in fashion, tech & more through their mystery boxes, often times for a fraction of their retail value.

I’m also very happy that we’ve managed to sign with a new partner who loves drifting and Drift Masters as much as the rest of the DMEC family does. HypeDrop is a virtual ‘Mystery Box’ retailer, so this will be something new for our Drift Masters community and fans. Who knows, maybe Drift Masters Fans will be able to purchase special DMEC Mystery Box soon … It’s safe to say I’m really looking forward to this new and exciting partnership.”

HypeDrop’s DOP, Vladimir Stojanovic was equally as delighted to announce this new partnership, as he had the following to say:

“Everyone at HypeDrop is thrilled to be welcomed into the Drift Masters family! Having followed the DMEC for many years, first as fans and now as partners, we can’t wait to see where this exciting journey will take us.

On HypeDrop, not only are our users driven by adrenaline; they seek it in the every day. The fearless world of professional drifting leans into our goal – to provide an experience that is exciting, enticing and gripping. For HypeDrop and the DMEC, a partnership felt like the ideal fit.

From here on out, we look forward to supporting Drift Masters as a trusted partner, while working together to fuse our audience’s rush for adrenaline across the globe.”

From all of us here at the Drift Masters European Championship, we are delighted to welcome HypeDrop into the DMEC family and we hope that you, our incredible DMEC fans will join us in doing the same. Make sure you stay tuned to HypeDrop’s social media channels and check out their website today to view all of their amazing mystery box products.

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