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Today we’re super excited to finally be kicking off the unveiling of the Drift Masters driver grid for the upcoming 2024 season, which of course kicks off in just under 2 months’ time on May 10th in Spain.

This year we’ll have a grand total of 42 drivers on our core driver grid, representing a diverse array of nations, and today we’re here to introduce you to the first 10 of our overall 42 drivers who will be competing in what promises to be our most exciting season to date. However, we won’t be limited to just 42 drivers all year long, because as always, we’ll have some amazing wildcard drivers joining us along the way this year … and believe us when we say, perhaps some of those wildcard drivers might be crazier names than ever before! However, that’s for another time …

So without further adieu, the first 10 drivers being announced on the 2024 Drift Masters grid are:

  • Conor Shanahan – IRL
  • Piotr Więcek – POL
  • Adam Zalewski – POL
  • Teemu Peltola – FIN
  • Kevin Piskolty – HUN
  • Manuel Vacca – ITA
  • Nasser Alharbali – ESA
  • Fionn Roche – IRL
  • Kevin Pesur – EST
  • Piotr Kozłowski – POL

10 down, 32 to go! Make sure you stay tuned as we reveal more of the grid, with our next batch of 11 drivers being announced tomorrow at 4pm GMT here on the Drift Masters website and across our social media channels. Make sure to check back tomorrow to meet the next group of incredible drivers joining the grid, as we continue our build up to what will undoubtedly be an unforgettable season!

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