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Drift fans get ready as another exciting addition comes to the Drift Masters Championship! For the first time in the championships history we’re shaking up qualifying and adding a new element to qualifying called ‘The Qualifying Showdown‘. This exciting new addition on top of our existing qualifying system will see the top 4 qualifiers of each round get an opportunity to face off in battles for extra championship points.

The 4 top qualifiers will now go head to head in 2 semi finals where the top qualifying driver goes up against the 4th and the 2nd place qualifier will go up against the 3rd. The winner of this final gets 4 extra points in the championship standings while the 2nd place finisher gets 3 points. The other 2 drivers get 2 and 1 points respectively based on whichever driver scored higher in qualifying.

We’re super excited to have this new Qualifying Showdown and give our fans a chance to see the top scoring drivers go door to door during our qualifying day before the main event. This new showdown will also allow drivers to further cement their lead by gaining more crucial championship points which can make or break a championship.

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